GARDEN, Clarence Scott

1st World War
Date of Birth
Date Attested
Attested at
Toronto, Ontario
Second Lieutenant
Date of Death
Age at Death
25 years 6 months
Biographical Summary

RANK:                                Second Lieutenant
SQUADRON:                     No. 4 Training Depot Station
                                             Hooten Park – Cheshire - England
                                             Royal Air Force
RESIDENCE:                    Toronto – Ontario
DATE OF BIRTH:            December 1892          
                                             Seaforth – Ontario 
DATE OF DEATH:           June 2, 1918                         25 years     6 months
CEMETERY:                     Eastham (St. Mary) Churchyard – Eastham –
                                             Cheshire – England
                                                  E     4
PARENTS:                         Mr. George Fredrick and Clarissa Garden – Toronto - Ontario
Occupation:                        Bank of Commerce –           Religion:
Enlistment:                         Toronto – Ontario – September 4, 1917
Enlistment Age                   24 years     9 months
Clarence trained in aviation at local camps. He trained for the air service in Toronto, Texas and Deseronto and he left Canada for England on February 1, 1918.
The rank of Second Lieutenant was for a pilot in training.
Lieutenant Garden went to No. 4 Training Station Depot and here he learned to fly Sopwith Scouts, Sopwith Dolphins and Avro 504s. Here was where they trained fighter pilots which were so desparately needed on the continent.
On April 1, 1918 the Royal Flying Corps and the Royal Air Force became one
Lieutenant Garden was accidently killed while he was in training at Hooton Park – Little Chesley – England.
He was killed Flying Sopworth Pup B6148.
Hooten Park on the Wirral Peninsula in Cheshire was built originally as a training depot for the Royal Flying Corps.