ISLE, Theodore Henry

NAME:                          ILSE          Theodore Henry                                                                                                        DIVISIONAL UNIT:       2nd Canadian Engineers Reinforcement Depot                                                                                                               Canadian Corps                                                                                                                          RESIDENCE:               Grand Bend - Ontario                                                                             

HENDERSON, Grant Stuart

NAME:                        HENDERSON          Grant Stuart                                                                                                      DIVISIONAL UNIT:     2nd Canadian Infantry Division                                                                                                                                             4th Infantry Brigade                                                                                                                                                               21st Battalion - Eastern Ontario                               

HAMILTON, Alexander James

NAME:                          HAMILTON          Alexander James                                                                                                DIVISIONAL UNIT:       1st Canadian Infantry Division                                                                                                                                             3rd Infantry Brigade                                                                                                                                                               13th Battalion - Royal Highlanders of Canada                   


Photo courtesy of Patrick Nagle


This memorial is dedicated to those men of the Canadian Corps who lost their lives during the First World War. It is also a place of commemoration, honour and remembrance for the men of the Canadian Corps that were killed or are missing and have no known grave. The site covers 250 acres in a park like setting and takes in part of the ground the Canadians advanced over on their day of victory on April 9, 1917. This monument has become a national Canadian symbol of achievement and sacrifice.

Cindy Visser - Nov 14th, 2018


I'm not sure where you're at with your research on Stanley, George and Irwin Agar, three brothers who served in WW1.  They were all born in Huron County,
but moved west as children. They enlisted in Saskatoon.  Their father James was living in Lucknow, and Stan was welcomed back here when he returned from war. They were first cousins of Grandpa, but Grandpa wasn't born until 1914 so he wouldn't really have known them.

Holly Meinen, Nov 11th, 2018


I would just like to say thank you to the men and women that fought to liberate the Netherlands and who have fought in any war to give us our freedom that we have today!
My parents are from the Netherlands and used to live near a little place called Holten. My great-uncle was Hendrik Prins. He never wanted any recognition, but he donated his farmland for the Holten Canadian War
Cemetery. He also helped to try and identify Canadian soldiers so that their loved ones knew where their bodies we're laid to rest.

Nov 11th, 2018

Patricia Miskimins, July 16, 2019


Hello, I have been writing the story of my mother's cousin who died during WW2,  In Holland on the battlefield April 8, 1945. He was with the Royal Winnipeg Rifles, 2nd Canadian Corps.  I have been reading all I can find about the battles that happened in Holland during the Spring of '45, and reading your website was the most emotional.  Your story of being there during the 2015 remembrance, allowed me to be there also.  I have now decided that I will make a trip to Holland when funds afford me to do so.