GAISER, Wesley Arthur

1st World War
Date of Birth
Date Attested
Attested at
London - Ontario
Regimental Number
Date of Death
Age at Death
28 years 1 month
Biographical Summary

NAME: GAISER  Wesley Arthur
RESIDENCE:  Dashwood - Ontario
PERSONAL:   Wesley was a farmer prior to his enlistment and he was raised in the Methodist faith. When he enlisted into the Canadian corps he was 5' 9" in height, his weight was 155 pounds and he had a fair complexion with blue eyes and light brown hair.

Private Gaiser embarked from Canada and arrived overseas at Liverpool - England on February 16, 1918 and he went immediately to the 4th Canadian Reserve Battalion at Bramshott - Hampshire. On June 2nd he goes overseas into France to join the 47th Battalion but must first go to the Canadian Corps Reinforcement Camp. While he is there he transfered to the 44th Battalion and joined them in the field on August 15, 1918.

On September 2nd the 44th Battalion was in the vicinity of Dury and the Sensee Valley. At 5 am the Brigade artillery began to fall onto the enemy positions and an hour later the enemy artillery became very active on the Sensee Valley. At 7:30 am it was somewhat quiet and at this time patrols were sent out to reconniter the village of Recourt and this was found to be clear of the enemy. The 44th Battalion was to stay close to the 46th Battalion and at 7:35 am they passed through the 46th Batallion and advanced forward to occupy Recourt. At 9:30 am the enemy was still shelling the valley and Haucourt and were now using gas shells. Then at 10:30 am the enemy began shelling in the area of Recourt which was in between the woods and Dury and here the 44th Battalion suffered casualties. The 44th Battalion had not been in contact with Headquarters until a runner from the Battalion arrived at Headquarters at 11:15 am and explained that the 44th was hung up but were in contact with the support companies of the 46th Battalion. The 44th Battalion was now positioned in the Queant Support Lines but were able to advance to the old trenches in front of the Brigade on their left. As soon as the 46th Battalion reached the Red Line east of Dury the 44th would begin their advance on a 2 Company front with each Company consisting of 2 Platoons. The 44th was to pass north of Dury with 2 Platoons and 2 Platoons would pass extended right through Dury to avoid enemy shellfire. On their approach on the Drocourt-Queant line the 44th encountered heavy enemy artillery and machine gun fire and here casualties were taken.

During this day of enemy fire and advancing on Dury was when Private Gaiser lost his life in action. He died immediately from the shrapnel of an enemy shell exploding very close to him. He had been in the field for only two weeks.