43.348397, -81.480601


DIVISIONAL UNIT: 1st Canadian Infantry Division 3rd  Infantry Brigade 15th Battalion - Central Ontario Canadian Infantry Corps  
RESIDENCE: Parkhill - Ontario
FATHER:  Mr. Patrick Sullivan - Dashwood / Mount Carmel - Ontario
AUNT:   Miss Ellen Sullivan - Dashwood - Ontario


NO Cdn RECORD  to date, Jeanette has info writien up from England  service #185787  futher investigation reauired.


Found information in England, but nothing to link him the Huron County


MASON, Thomas Joseph

NAME: MASON  Thomas Joseph 
DIVISIONAL UNIT:   4th Canadian Infantry Division 10th Infantry Brigade 44th Battalion - Manitoba Canadian Infantry Corps 
RESIDENCE:  Melita - Manitoba 
MOTHER:  Mrs. Phoebe Mason - Parkhill / Toronto - Ontario
SISTER: Mrs. P. L. McCrae - Toronto - Ontario

LAMPORT, William Edgar

DIVISIONAL UNIT:  3rd Canadian Infantry Division 8th Infantry Brigade, 2nd Canadian Mounted Rifles - Victoria  Canadian Infantry Corps                                   
CEMETERY:  Drummond Cemetery - Raillencourt - Nord - France  I     A     20 
MOTHER:    Mrs. Hannah Lamport - Hindville - Alberta                                                                                                  Personal:  Height was 5'  8" with a dark complexion, blue eyes and dark brown hair.

HOGARTH, Clinton Stephen

Jeanette, says no service file on him, no record of him serving, his great niece says he died in the war, this is a mystery why there is no record.

Jeanette in touch with his great niece.  Very strange situation.

GAISER, Wesley Arthur

NAME: GAISER  Wesley Arthur
RESIDENCE:  Dashwood - Ontario
PERSONAL:   Wesley was a farmer prior to his enlistment and he was raised in the Methodist faith. When he enlisted into the Canadian corps he was 5' 9" in height, his weight was 155 pounds and he had a fair complexion with blue eyes and light brown hair.

WEIN, David Charles

DIVISIONAL UNIT:        1st Canadian Infantry Division
                                             1st Infantry Brigade
                                             2nd Battalion  -  Eastern Ontario
                                             Canadian Infantry Corps
SERVICE NO:                   19460
DATE OF BIRTH:            July 12, 1888
                                             Crediton – Stanley Township – County of Huron - Ontario
DATE OF DEATH:           April 23, 1915                      26 years

LAWSON, Percy Roy

DIVISIONAL UNIT:        3rd Canadian Infantry Division
                                             8th Infantry Brigade
                                             4th Canadian Mounted Rifles  -  Toronto
                                             Canadian Infantry Corps
SERVICE NO:                   401326
RESIDENCE:                    Clinton - Ontario
DATE OF BIRTH:            November 5, 1893
                                             Crediton – Stephen Township - County of Huron - Ontario

GARDINER, Earl Albert

DIVISIONAL UNIT:         3rd Canadian Infantry Division
                                             9th Infantry Brigade
                                             “C” Company
                                             58th Battalion  -  Central Ontario
                                             Canadian Infantry Corps
SERVICE NO:                   727212
RESIDENCE:                     St. Marys – Ontario 
DATE OF BIRTH:            January 18, 1894
                                             Lincoln – Nebraska – U.S.A.