Hillcrest Public School Nov 13, 2019

Addressing curious students at Hillcrest Public School Nov 13, 2019

Hillcrest Public School Nov 13, 2019

Connecting with youth to help them appreciate local sacrifices made during the First and Second World Wars as well as other struggles, is a focal point of the Huron Remembers Committee.  

We had the privilege of addressing two student bodies in November this year. We spoke at F.E. Madill Secondary School in Wingham, where over 700 students assembled for a Remembrance Day service, as well as Hillcrest Central School in Teeswater, where younger students had a chance to hear about some local heroes and ask questions. The positive feedback we received from students and staff at each school was very affirming.  Students demonstrate a hunger to know more, and are gaining a growing awareness of sacrifices made.

In addition to our November visits, we have been invited return to speak to history classes in high schools while students are studying World War One and Two. Sharing local biographical insights with students has helped make Canadian history 'come alive"!

Much thanks to teaching staff who have a passion for sharing Canada's history. Here is a Facebook post from Hillcrest School that describes our time with their students.

Today our grade 4-8 students were able to learn about the local connections to World War One and Two. Jim Rutledge and Patrick Nagle, presented to our students from The Memory Project. They have done extensive research on local fallen heroes and are sharing their stories. As part of their work, they are developing a website, www.huronremebers.ca, that will launch in 2020.

Our students were very engaged during their presentation and asked lots of questions. I’m sure our families will be asked tonight about their connections to veterans. We are thankful for these opportunities to learn from our community.