I'm not sure where you're at with your research on Stanley, George and Irwin Agar, three brothers who served in WW1.  They were all born in Huron County,
but moved west as children. They enlisted in Saskatoon.  Their father James was living in Lucknow, and Stan was welcomed back here when he returned from war. They were first cousins of Grandpa, but Grandpa wasn't born until 1914 so he wouldn't really have known them.

Private George Agar was killed in France and is buried in Lillers.  His brother Stan carried him, wounded, off the battlefield.
I am in contact with their family line in Floral, Saskatchewan, and they may be able to provide photos, etc. if you haven't already tracked some down.
Moreover, would you accept a Dutch Canadian contribution from Perth County? Dad's family lived in Middelbeers, Noord Brabaant, which was liberated by
Canadian soldiers.  I know Uncle Harry has done some writing about their experience. He is now in his mid-80s, but the writing was produced in 2003, in honour of our family's 50 years in Canada.  I just passed your website along to my Aunt Teddie, who is the family historian.

Thanks for your time and efforts.

Cindy Visser