MASON, Thomas Joseph

1st World War
Date of Birth
Date Attested
Attested at
Melita - Manitoba
Original Unit
Regimental Number
Date of Death
Age at Death
23 years 5 months
Biographical Summary

NAME: MASON  Thomas Joseph 
DIVISIONAL UNIT:   4th Canadian Infantry Division 10th Infantry Brigade 44th Battalion - Manitoba Canadian Infantry Corps 
RESIDENCE:  Melita - Manitoba 
MOTHER:  Mrs. Phoebe Mason - Parkhill / Toronto - Ontario
SISTER: Mrs. P. L. McCrae - Toronto - Ontario

Thomas was born in Grand Bend - Ontario and was raised in the Methodist faith and was a farm labourer prior to his enlistment. Upon his enlistment at 22 years  3 months into the Canadian Corps his height was 5' 4"  and weighed 140 pounds. He was of dark complexion, had brown eyes and dark hair.

On November 14, 1916 the SS Olympia with Private Mason on board embarked from Canada and arriver in Liverpool - England on November 20th. He was then drafted to the 44th Battalion on December 28th. Shortly following this he goes overseas into France and then on February 9, 1917 he joins his unit already in the field.
On April 2, 1917 the 44th Battalion was being billeted in the chateau of and the outbuildings of at Bouvingny and during the day the Companies were being refitted for the upcoming advance onto Vimy Ridge in a weeks time. While this was taking place other Battalion members were being used in carrying parties for the Engineers and Artillery. During the day the enemy artillery began to fall onto Bouvigny and the surrounding areas. After reading both the Battalion and Brigade diaries for April 2nd we learned that one man was wounded. This would prove to be Private Mason. 
We have learned that he was tended to immediately and then quickly moved to No. 12 British Field Ambulance . No. 12 British Field Ambulance at this point was filled to capacity and they had received orders to evacuate all the wounded who could not return to combat for the upcoming push onto Vimy Ridge. The records indicate that Private Mason died here before he could be moved with the other wounded.