GANNEY, Frederick

1st World War
Date of Birth
Date Attested
Attested at
Clinton, Ontario
Date of Death
Age at Death
Biographical Summary

DIVISIONAL UNIT:        1st Canadian Infantry Division
                                             1st Infantry Brigade
                                             2nd Battalion  -  Eastern Ontario
                                             Canadian Infantry Corps
SERVICE NO:                   491223
RESIDENCE:                    Clinton – Ontario 
DATE OF BIRTH:            March 9, 1896
                                             Middlesex - Ontario
DATE OF DEATH:           November 6, 1917               21 years     8 months
MEMORIAL:                    Ypres (Menin Gate) Memorial – Ieper – 
                                             West Vlaanderen – Belgium
                                             Panels 10-18 & Panels 26-28
BROTHER:                        Mr. Edgar Ganney - London  –  Ontario
Occupation:                        Labourer                              Religion;     Wesleyan
Enlistment:                         Clinton – January 29, 1915
Enlistment Age:                 18 years     9 months

Private Ganney sailed from Canada on the S.S. Lapland bound for Liverpool on March 17, 1916 and arrived on 
March 25, 1916. On August 6, 1916, he transfers to the 2nd Battalion goes in France and joins his unit in the field on August 17, 1916.
Private Ganney was killed in action by enemy shell fire during military operations at Passchendaele.
Before 4 am the enemy began their usual shelling and this destroyed the basic trench that was the front line. Their shelling behind the assembly areas but still caused some casualties.
At 6 am the Brigade barrage opened followed shortly after by the enemy barrage.  As the Battalion advanced they heard a familiar noise coming from their artillery and this was the crack of the 18 pound field guns and the double cough of the howitzers and large guns. The 1st objective was taken at 6:52 am. Reports from No. 1 Company saying they have their first objective. At 6:58 am it is reported that our infantry was on top of the ridge and advancing in two waves. Troops are seen to the right of Passchendaele, but not on the left and this was at 7:22 am but then at 7:30 am troops are seen to the left of the town. No. 2 Company reports second objective taken and they are consolidating. Casualties are fairly light. At 7:42 am No. 2 Company reports Vegetable Farm is secured.
The higher up the hill the infantry advanced the drier it became
At 8:15 a very large enemy shells falls and explodes at Battalion Headquarters casuing heavy casualties. At 8:30 am it is reported that there is heavy enemy shelling onto the back areas.
At 4:45 pm the artillery opened up with a protective barrage and then during the night the enemy shelled the Battalion positions most of the night.
During this day of fighting the enemy infantry did not attempt a counter attack from the ridge and were quite timid even though they had the numbers to do so. However, their artillery was very active all of the day and so fierce that land communications were not possible with messages not being able to be sent or received. The Battalion had to use carrier pigeons.
The weather was cold and it was misty.