MacARTHUR, James McPherson

1st World War
Date of Birth
Date Attested
Attested at
London, Ontario
Date of Death
Age at Death
25 years 3 months
Biographical Summary

DIVISIONAL UNIT:         2nd Canadian Infantry Division    
                                             5th Infantry Brigade
                                             24th Battalion  -  Victoria Rifles
                                             Canadian Infantry Corps
RESIDENCE:                    Toronto - Ontario
DATE OF BIRTH:            January 6, 1892
                                             Hensall – Stanley Township – County of Huron - Ontario
DATE OF DEATH:           April 9, 1917                        25 years     3 months
CEMETERY:                     Ecoivres Military Cemetery – Mont-St. Eloi –
                                             Pas de Calais – France
                                             VI     E     19
MOTHER:                          Mrs. Ada MacArthur – London - Ontario
Occupation:                        Bank Clerk                           Religion:     Presbyterian
                                             Sterling Bank - Toronto
Enlistment:                         March 30, 1916 – London into 70th Battalion
Enlistment Age:                 24 years     2 months

Lieutenant MacArthur departed Canada on April 24, 1916 and would have arrived in England in early May. 
On July 1, 1916, he proceeded pverseas into France to the 24th Battalion.
Lieutenant MacArthur was killed in action whilst attacking east of Neuville St. Vaast. He received rifle fire to the head and died immediately.
The Battalion as they moved from the firing line to the observation line they had to go over land and the enemy saw this advance and brought down an artillery barrage causing a number of casualties. At 5:30 am as the Battalion advanced on the right of the Brigade front and there was little resistance as they took the enemy front lines and support trenches. They had the support of 2 machine guns from the 5th Machine Gun Company. 
The German front line was taken at 5:34 am and the enemy support trenches fell at 5:42 am. At tis time the Canadian Corps barrage lifted 100 yards every three minutes. The Black line was taken by the 24th & 26th Battalions at 6:00 am and here they found large numbers of enemy infantry. When the barrage lifted east of the Black Line the Battalion again advanced and pushed out posts. 
At 6:02 am “D” Company had reached their objective. At 6:14 am “B” Company had reached their objective after dealing with enemy machine gun fire. When they reached the Zwichesn Stellung Trench very heavy enemy resistance was encountered from enemy machine guns.
Furze Trench was not an issue as it had been obliterated by the artillery. This was located mid way between the Black Line and the enemy support trenches.
The 24th Battalion now pushed out posts and consolidated this position. The 25th Reserve Battalion came to the Black Line. The next objective was the Red Line. This was taken by the 25th Battalion at 7:14 am.
The 24th Battalion then dug the new front resistance line about 100 yards in advance from Cramer House – Lens Road – Grenadier Graben – Junction with 3rd Canadian Division through Dump Trench. Strong Points Y / Z were constructed with Y being defended by 2 machine guns and a Company of the 24th Battalion.
The Battalion lost 35 men killed, 103 men wounded and 96 men missing.