RENWICK, Francis Melvin

1st World War
Date Attested
Attested at
Wroxeter, Ontario
Original Unit
Regimental Number
Date of Death
Age at Death
20 years 6 months
Biographical Summary

DIVISIONAL UNIT:         3rd Canadian Infantry Division
                                             9th Infantry Brigade
                                             58th Battalion - Central Ontario
                                             Canadian Infantry Corps
SERVICE NO:                   654618
RESIDENCE:                    Clifford – Ontario 
DATE OF BIRTH:            October 1896
                                             Howick Township – County of Huron - Ontario
DATE OF DEATH:           April 18, 1917                      20 years     6 months     
CEMETERY:                     Barlin Communal Cemetery Extension – Barlin –
                                             Pas de Calais – France
                                             I     A     43
PARENTS:                         Mr. Walter and Annie Renwick – Clifford - Ontario
Occupation:                        Farmer                                  Religion:     Presbyterian
Enlistment:                         Wroxeter – March 21, 1916 – 161st Huron Battalion
Enlistment Age:                 19 years     5 months

The 161st Battalion departed Canada and arrived in Liverpool on November 11, 1916. On November 27th Private Renwick transferred to the 58th Battalion. Then on November 29, 1916 he travels overseas into France to the Canadian Corps Reinforcement Pool. He is called to the front on December 19 and arrived at his unit in the field on December 22, 1916.
Private Renwick was wounded in battle, moved to No. 6 British Casualty Clearing Station - Bruay where he died of his wounds.
Today the winds were north-west at 10mph under dull and mild conditions.
The Battalion was located at Villers-au-Bois
The enemy artillery was very active today
Today the Battalion was marching back to billets along the Bois-de-Bonvel Road and it was heavy going. The Battalion was very tired. There were casualties suffered from the sustained enemy barrage and from the explosion of a nearby enemy shell.
Two men were killed and three were wounded.
One of the wounded was Private Renwick.