Ralph Balkwill Delbridge

DELBRIDGE, Ralph Balkwill

2nd Word War
Date of Birth
Date Attested
Flying Officer
Date of Death
Age at Death
Biographical Summary

RANK Flying Officer Royal Canadian Air Force
SQUADRON No. 401 “Ram”
“ very swift death for the enemy”
Group 11 RAF Fighter Command
Redhill Airfield in Surrey
Squadron Markings YO
AGE 22 August 3, 1943 J / 9490
CEMETERY Brookwood Military Cemetery
Brookwood - Surrey
45 C 5
PARENTS Franklin and Eva Delbridge - Exeter
• Ralph was born on December 22, 1920 in Exeter.
• He received his education at Exeter Public & High Schools and then attended Westervelt Business School.
• He enjoyed skiing, track, along with riding as he was growing up.
• Before he enlisted he was employed as an accountant with Johnson-Turner Electric Engineering in London.
• On March 27, 1941 Ralph enlisted into the Royal Canadian Air Force. He did his training at Dunnville and
then on to the Eglington Hunt Club.
• His first flying was from Chatham, New Brunswick and he then went to Summerside, Prince Edward Island
and received his wings.
• In early 1942, he was posted to England as a pilot of a Spitfire.
• During March 1942, he volunteered for duty in the Middle East and made a trip to Alexandria, Egypt, by
way of Capetown in South Africa. In October of that year he returned to England.
• Flying Officer Delbridge lost his life in action when his Spitfire BL 339 dove into the ground at Underhill
Farm, Bucklands in Surrey, approximately 20 miles from the base. He apparently misjudged the distance
between himself and the ground. The crash took place at 11:35 hours