Memorial Inscription

BRIMICOMBE, Reginald Samuel

1st World War
Date of Birth
Date Attested
Attested at
Goderich, Ontario
Regimental Number
Date of Death
Age at Death
19 years 1 month
Biographical Summary

Private Brimicombe onboard the S.S. Mauretania arrived in England on October 31, 1916 and once in England he was taken on strength by the 27th Battalion and joins the unit already in the field on February 20, 1917.
By this time in the battle for Hill 70, the enemy had basically had yielded to the Canadian Corps. Command wanted to improve its position by capturing the northern areas of Lens. The 27th & 29th Battalions would attack the northern part of the city while units from the 4th Division would attack the south. It was to be a night attack and the battle would be in a destroyed city with an enemy who knew what was coming.
The 27th & 29th Battalions moved across 600 yards to the Cinnabar Trench and by noon they could not hold. The 27th Battalion reached the objective but there was not enough men left to clear out the enemy hidden in the buildings. They had to fall back to their original positions.
His unit on this day of battle was located near Lens at Hill 70 in the Laurent Sector with their front lines in Chicory Trench.
The weather was fair with a very slight breeze from the south.
Zero hour was set for 04:35 hours but prior to 03:00 hours the enemy artillery was heavy and it fell between the jumping off point and the starting point.
“C” Company was left – “B” Company was centre – “A” Company was right and “D” Company was in support.
At zero hour all advanced with “B” Company advancing with very heavy fighting and being held up by an enemy strongpoint.
“C” and “A” Companies continued to move forward but in doing so took extreme casualties and then “D” Company in support had to assist “B” and “A” Companies.
Severe hand to hand fighting took place all day with all Companies being involved.
The enemy tried counter attacking a number of times but each time they were thrown back.
At noon the enmy was successful in advancing into a trench being held by the 29th Battalion on the left and because of this “C” Company had to withdraw so they could keep in touch with the rest of the 27th.
At dusk the battalion withdrew under a well planned and careful strategy.
On this day 35 men were killed in action; 248 men were wounded and 14 men were missing.
It was during this bloody and bitter day of battle where Private Brimicombe fell in battle.