ISLE, Theodore Henry

1st World War
Date of Birth
Date Attested
Attested at
London - Ontario
Regimental Number
Date of Death
Age at Death
24 years 9 months
Biographical Summary

DIVISIONAL UNIT:  2nd Canadian Engineers Reinforcement Depot,  Canadian Corps    
RESIDENCE:      Grand Bend - Ontario 
WIFE:           Mrs. Pearl Ilse - Dashwood - Ontaro
PARENTS:        Mr. Frederick and Elizabeth Ilse - Dashwood - Ontario
Personal:       Height was 5'  3", weight was 129 poubds. He had a fair complexion, blue eyes and light brown hair. Theodore earned his living as a plumber and was of the Lutheran faith.                                                                         

Theodore was conscripted into the service of the Canadian Corps under the War Services Act in London during the month of March 1918.   

Sapper Ilse was admitted to hospital in London - Ontario on March 23, 1918 and had been sick for the two previous days with headache pain in the back of the head, a cough and a cold and it was thought he had mucopurulent. On April 10th it was determined he had somewhat of an enlarged heart which was deemed to be normal and two days later he was feeling fit and was discharged from hospital. 

On May 18th he transferred to the Overseas Canadian Engineers. In the month of July he travelled to Halifax and on August 3rd he embarked from Canada and arrived overseas in Liverpool on August 15th. That same day he was posted to the 2nd Canadian Engineers Reinfocement Depot - Seaford - Sussex.

Sapper Isle was admitted to No. 14 Canadian General Hospital - Eastbourne - Sussex on October 12th where doctors again thought he had appendicitis. He had inflammation of the bowel and possible pneumonia. He also mentioned that he had been having headaches for almost a year. Doctors treated him with castor oil, doses of salts and pills.  Three days later on October 15th he was admitted to No. 13 Canadian General Hospital - Hastings - Sussex and his headaches have become much worse causing him to vomit. 

On November 9th the doctors diagnose him with a cerebral lesion and blood tests indicate bile and mucus in his blood. On November 19th it is suggested by the medical personnel that he had a brain tumor. 

On November 23 he is found to be somewhat vegetative. On December 15, 1918 at 3:15 pm, Sapper Ilse asked the medical staff for a cup of tea. Forty minutes later a nursing sister arrived to take his temperature and noticed he looks strange and a doctor is called for. The doctor found him in a semi sitting position and he is breathless. He is now turning blue and his pupils are becoming dilated, but his heart was still beating. For the next 5 hours artificial respiration took place until 9:30 pm that evening at which time his heart stopped beating. 

It was determined that in fact Sapper Isle did have a brain tumor.